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Nike Sportswear's Mercurial design to create green, gray, yellow, purple color as the theme of Air Max 1 FB shoes, and uniform with a white midsole and crystal bottom, it was reported that the new series will be officially on sale in April 12th. nike-air-max-1-fb-mercurial-pack-3.jpeg (62.44 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-3-23 09:58 upload nike-air-max-1-fb-mercurial-pack-4.jpeg (60.12 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-3-23 09:58 upload nike-air-max-1-fb-mercurial-pack-5.jpeg (59.14 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-3-23 09:58 upload nike-air-max-1-fb-mercurial-pack-6.jpeg (64.45 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-23 09:58 upload AIRMAX1 00 Retro jordans for sale " cross-border trade is expected to achieve RMB settlement." Recently, the news on cross-border trade RMB settlement pilot released, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Dongguan were approved as the first pilot cities. Relevant experts believe that the first pilot cities from the geographical point of view, are concentrated in the foreign trade of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region, will greatly facilitate trade. shoe enterprises worried about RMB settlement, whether the other party accept RMB it is understood that in Quanzhou China import and export trade also occupy an important position in 2008, import and export value of $8 billion 521 mil Retro jordans for sale lion, have the right to operate import and export of foreign trade enterprises has reached more than 4000. Therefore, the implementation of cross-border trade RMB settlement pilot, naturally attracted the attention of Quanzhou import and export enterprises. , the most promising exchange rate risk will effectively reduce Chen Jinlong, director of financial research center of School of business administration, Huaqiao University. Analysis: "using RMB as the currency of international trade settlement, the most direct point is to avoid the exchange rate risk.". In addition, it can reduce the exchange cost. Moreover, as the renminbi is stronger, Asian countries are happy cheap jordan shoes for men to accept the renminbi as currency for settlement. Trading directly with the renminbi will help boost confidence in export enterprises and expand exports." "the use of RMB settlement of low-end products line of SMEs, the impact is greater."." Yang Yang, general manager of light industry Fan Shaoqing said, "small and medium-sized enterprises due to unstable trade relations, profit margins are small, enterprises have no bargaining power, is generally used under the order of the day of the exchange rate for settlement.". Therefore, with the fluctuation of the dollar, there will be a great deal of exchange rate risk in the trade. If the exporters can accept RMB settlement, the cheap jordans online export costs and risks of SMEs will decline." however, for some high-end companies that had originally adopted the exchange rate risk prediction mechanism to quote prices, Fan Shaoqing argued that the use of RMB settlement was of little significance. "Because these companies already have their own mechanism to avoid the exchange rate risk, trade risk is small, plus the product mainly for Europe and other developed countries, apparently not so easy to carry out cross-border RMB trade settlement in these countries." most concerned about whether the other party accepts RMB for cross-border RMB settlement, but also enterprises expressed concern. Renminbi (in Re Cheap air jordans for sale nminbi) "bred" ruddy and legend of "legend" blue blue color of the two air jordan 11 sole backpack a after exposure, drew many fans of hot holds. Classic Jordan Air 11 at the end of the classic color rendering, retro and innovation of the perfect fusion, believe that walking in the street or to attract a large number of repeat rate. Black and red color of the jordan 11 premium is now the United States Nike, and $250 price is more than the price of shoes air jordan 11! The legendary blue is currently no login Nike website Bred black items: 631693-010 more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment commun Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ity [when off], microblogging search "when", micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: NikeThe future of the industry, accompanied by industry giants on Monday, suffered another plunge, and faces uncertainty. Monday sports industry giants share price performance: Nike Inc. (NYSE:NKE) Nike group fell 2.44%, to close at $53.61 Under Armour Inc. (NYSE:UAA) dema group fell 3.13% to close at $15.15 The Finish Line Inc. (NASDAQ:FINL) shares plummeted 10.17% to close at $9.89 Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE:FL) shares plummeted 7.45% to close at $31.82 Dick 's Sporting Goods Inc. (NYSE:DKS) fell 1.96% to close at $26.46 DSW Inc. (NYSE:DSW) fell 0.95% to close a cheap foamposites t $15.96 Big 5, Sporting, Goods, Corporation (NASDAQ:BGFV) fell 0.67% to close at $7.45 Hibbett Sports, Inc. (NASDAQ:HIBB) fell 0.46% to close at $10.85 Adidas AG (ADS), Adidas group, U.S. stocks, depositary shares also fell 0.79% to $221.90 Nike's Air Jardon series sells poorly, avalanche sounds from the investment bank report: on Friday, the largest U.S. sports Yungong supplies agents Foot Locker, leading to Inc. industry quarterly collective price fell Monday, the sports goods industry listed companies once again usher in a crash, it is because the investment bank reports, especially on Nike Inc. Jefferies double cut Nike group compared to the rating and target. Monday, Cheap air jordan 12 ovo Jefferies Nike Inc. Nike group's rating from "buy" down to "hold", while the target price from $75 down to $65. Jefferies analyst Randal Konik wrote, the sports industry is still in the environment despite the wind, but Adidas AG (ADS.DE) Adidas group diluted the growth of other brands, although Nike Nike by strong innovation ability, but the short-term small sound around it. He also said that Nike Nike is still a strong industry top brands, but there are five major data sources show that the U.S. group's growth and profitability are at risk. Five big Randal Konik 〉 you played poker in Dezhou? if the Jinhua is a popular pastime, then Dezhou poker is Chinese upper class soci cheap jordans for sale mens al daily. Tencent co-founder Zhang Zhidong, Didi, OFO investor Zhu Xiaohu said, "wonderful" host Ma Dong, actor Huang Xiaoming, who only billions of investors, entrepreneurs, no wonder the stars are all Dezhou poker enthusiasts. Hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao even by Dezhou poker hiring interview. this month, meeting China's top leaders, but also by the media described as the highest standard of Dezhou poker game. Hundreds of millions of wins, is calculated, skill, mentality and luck game, the game of life is also so. I and a gifted Dezhou poker genius chatted, through his life ups, you will see the real world more brutal winning decision. single success often about your mind. beca cheap jordans for sale use this desire is always with greed, want to want to win streak winners, losers, when fear and desire is placed on the table, will be unlimited. picked up in the hands of two cards, Boston University Department of finance China students Bernard for 0.5 seconds to be able to judge, this dish can tell. before half an hour, he has won several big POT, his money doubled 10 times, 200 thousand dollars, but he never thought that tonight's game is a matter of life and death. Just go to until Restroom, an open Porsche friend told him that the opponent is a murderer on the loose, away from the Northeast tens of millions, to play today, do not waist with a knife with blood slot, let Bernard be careful, don't give the boss trouble. he hesitated. casino in Dezhou poker on the opposite side of the bald man stared at Bernard, his hands trembling, lips trembled a two, with a strong accent urged him to "hurry, hurry up! "The mouth of a golden teeth in the dark under the chandelier, a cigar smoke shining sharp light. Bernard didn't hesitate to bet $2000, the other immediately followed. with the licensing officer when two people turn over 3 cards, he quickly calculate the other hand is small, they will greatly. As before, the other set of cards dedicated to All-in, only 2 can save the bald man in Bernard, it is Dutch act. However, when the licensing officer showed the last two cards, less than 15 square meters of card field sounded louder than laughing, playing in the window the sound of snow. The bald man clapped, bounced up from the chair: fuck you, Lao Tzu win! Bernard lost the night's results, $200 thousand. but the bald man will not know their own proud victory Bernard has long been calculated, nor that pure luck is winning ways to win the lowest Dezhou poker, with no contact. the overseas star shoes on feet selected for everyone to bring the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg foot Adidas yeezy 350 boost, quasi champion Ben Simmons also follow the trend of the foot Adidas yeezy 350 boost & quot; pirate Black" and for a long time did not appear in the list of DJ skee foot air jordan 1 Retro & quot; Infrared" also, Ludacris on the foot of the hybrid shoes "Jordan 6 Rings & quot; Playoffs" six time winner. 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